Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nescafe Kickstart Paintball Challenge

Shit. Thats the first word i muttered when i get prepared for my first game on Sunday, 17th. I forgot to bring my camera. Damn. What a waste. No pictures for now during the game. Have to get it from one of the guys who took out team's pictures during in game. Have to wait for it. Anyway, part of us are glad that the camera is filming us. Yes. Its Nescafe Kickstart from TV3. Wow. What a chance. Since there is no pictures of it now, i would suggest you guys to watch TV3 every Sunday, 11am. It would show any events that they have filmed. Don't know when it will be out but i'll be watching it every damn Sunday.


Outrecs Jr. joined this event in the support for our senior team Outrecs. The manager for Outrecs is Laloque which is also one of the semi-finalists who will get their dreams come true. Laloque is alsp my senior who introduce me into this extreme sport, paintball. I'm proud to be one of the Outrecs paintball family. His dream is to build an indoor paintball field in Malaysia where paintballers can play painbtall no matter day or night, shine or rain. We from Outrecs Jr. wish that he will win this and make his dream come true!

Outrecs Jr. didn't make the cut to enter semi-finals in this event. We faced team Raptors which is also quite an experienced team from Cyberjaya. We all did our best and congratulations to team Raptor as the 1st Runner-up for this event. Our team must improve loads more from now on. At least we finished in top 8.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Best shot ever...on that day.

Here, i selected 3 nicely taken pics during the game of my teammates in the field.

its me on the far left. no doubt. i forgot to bring my scarf to cover my head and hair. here you can see that we're on a standby position. the marker must touch the banner.

my mates in field. all are preparing for the go.

Game on! look at the 2 forwards, the red mask and the one running to reach the bunker. look as 3 persons which includes 2 backman and the centerman making line of fire at the start of the game.