Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

As the blog title says it. A new year of the ox. Next its gonna be snake. I'm gonna make fun of my sis often soon, hahaha. Well, I wish everyone reading to have a prosperous year ahead. Any difficulties or hardships faced we will go for it. Hope everyone have a wonderful year. Although I still very seldom post on my blog, huhu!

Friday, December 26, 2008

I was sad.

Hi and I'm very deeply sorry for my late or 'no' posts at all. To all my dear readers, a thousand of apologies. My bad. Lately busy with the short semester and also test and events to handle, its quite a task to give myself at least a little bit of relaxation of watching movies, series and some anime.

What I would like to talk about now is mostly about my spoilt hard disk (HD). I'm very particular about this. All my pictures since secondary school till today were all gone. I'm sad. I lost all my data on pictures and some video clips of my favorite artiste from Japan, gone. My >50GB songs, bye bye. As I had backup earlier before I sent my HD for RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization), it was all ok when it came back. I gladly move back all the files into the HD. As soon as the next morning, the HD were slow in detecting my files as if it were corrupt. Holy shit then it happen that I couldn't even read my files at all. "Thats it." I said. I was late for class already and all my precius files were stuck in there. I was moody to class. Came back, no choice but to go again for RMA. I was furious and emotional. No matter what, I want my files back. It took me nearly one year to collect such files and stuffs that are rare. Only such were such. SHIT! I'm stuck in a dilemma for 2 days. My friends tried to help, but those files couldn't be read already. Its like gone forever. My only backup at my external HD were deleted. Bad luck. Now I'm working myself tight searching back what was lost. I tried my best, but I'm too busy and most of my time were devoted to something else. I'll try to allocate some time for this, but all the things that I searched back will not be 100% found. Good luck to me.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Singapore Motorshow 2008

Finally, my first time ever going overseas, or other country. Well, Singapore is still over the sea right? Purpose of visit is to visit the Singapore Motorshow 2008. Never expect that to be fun enough.
Me and my housemates went there together. The whole trip was tiring and fun. We originally planned to go on Saturday, but then changed the plan and chose Sunday instead. Took a bus from Malacca on Friday noon. Reach my housemate, Alex's house first. Detour->

The infamous 'Rambahdaiko' of Kampung Rambah aka Alex.

Peaceful enough.

"Alex, you sure this is your house?", said Jesmond.

Do you know that when you knock on the woods of the pillars, the fishes actually came around!

As if I believed my own eyes, Alex's house was like a mini-resort to me. It was definitely not a 'house'. Trust me.

And then on Saturday when Alex brought us out to JB for some sight-seeing. Gosh I was so first timer for that. We went to JB to find our another housemate, Ryan. Then we all hang out around JB and went back at night.

Couldn't get enough sleep that night. Woke up at 6am something, take some breakfast and at around 7.30am, we're off to the 'Kastam' (the Customs).
First stop in Singapore was Kranji. Where we head to Suntec City for the motorshow. Hard to say this, but MRT (Mass Railway System) sure beats our Malaysian LRT (Light Railway Transit). The Singaporean's MRT was effective. It was sure to reach almost everywhere in Singapore.
And when we reached Suntec City, it was awesome to see it first time. Well, when i see it the second time, it might be boring, haha.

Fountain of Wealth.

It was high enough.

Posing under the shinning sun.


If I had those, I'll be changing my rims every month.


My dad won't approve this.

Gotcha, Ryan!


Every boy's dream, GTR-35.

Every boy's dream.

Too much vinyls. But great art.

An artist's masterpiece. Great hands.

This would be the heart.

Scenario picture.

When I was just to start learning how to take photographs properly.

Marina Bay Street Circuit.

The crew of the circuit.

The Singapore Motorshow 2008 was no more than very few. Only some giant constructers companies and no Western cars around. Mainly because of F1 event in Singapore and also there were more than 20 events were held on Sunday itself in Singapore. Sigh!

It was then we were lucky enough to see the circuit of F1 that day. I was hoping to see the F1 from here but no luck. Other friends wanted to go back early, so can't spectate much. But! We did saw some drives drive thru around the circuit. Half-lucky me.

When we reached back Malaysia, we head back to Ryan's house for a bump. The next morning we're heading back Malacca.

It was sure a tiring weekend, but worth it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Short Quotes

Since I'm quite busy and sometimes would not have much time to update my blog, I'd rather bring in some small updates.
If I've seen and been through some interesting and funny quotes or some sayings and sentences, I'd gladly to bring 'em up.
Here's one to start off.
Found this in The Star Online News while I was reading the news.

“They are doing their job. My job is to create songs and their job is to catch people,” he said.

I really laughed while eating my breakfast.

->To all MMU students who are reading, study smart for the coming finals.
->To all Muslims who are reading, Selamat Berpuasa for this festive month. [sorry for late]
->To all who are going to anywhere or somewhere, please drive safely. Enjoy the road trip.
->To all who are reading, thanks and take care of yourselves.

Have a nice day!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Golf @ Ayer Keroh Country Club (AKCC)

It was a nice morning Saturday. Medium sunlight and some clouds above our heads for shed. Cool and calm wind. We tee-off at around 8am. I'm with the first flight to go. Only 2 flights that day. It was a friendly match, stableford system. Each flight only 3 golfers. Not many people joining that day.
It was back to basis when its been such a long time since I last played golf. my swing got back a few days ago, but my mental fitness for the course was awful. I can say the first-nine was totally the worst comeback ever I've ever had. But then, on the second-nine was ok for me. Get myself pump and my swing did all the work. Relax and swing, that's it. During the second-nine, a heavy poured down on us. We waited but it turned more worst. Heavy rain. Then the siren rang from the club house. We had to get back to the club house as at the condition, we couldn't continue our game. We stop for around half an hour then back to golf.
After the game, we had lunch will all other commitees together. It was my first time joining a society of golfers other than my dad's friends. It was a great experience. It shall be. Coming up, going to plan for a closed golf tournament for MMU. Proposals, here I come.