Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

A brand new year is coming and its happening. Of course, i just finish one of my exams. Damn. Wish everybody a Happy New Year in advance and good luck for my fellow friends who are going to have their exams on the 2nd and so forth till 5th. All the best!

Friday, December 28, 2007


Yeah, one of my favorite sport lately. Badminton. Been into this sport since 6 years old. How long it is...almost 14 years already. WOW! But I played badminton as my recreational sports only. My main objective is to improve more in this sport and sweat! Yup. Sweat it out. Its good for our body. Won't explain much on this but you'll eventually know later on in your life that you have a lot of toxic in your body. Huh! My equipment for badminton is simple. Racket-ProAce D.M.S. 328 and Carbonex9 TOUR SP. String-Yonex BG66, 26 pounds. Grip-Karakal PUSupergrip. Shoes-I forgot, will update it soon. I'll post up the picture of my racket also. Stay tune!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


At first look at the word 'wushu', for Chinese people, it meant something. Martial arts. That's it. Think of wushu, you will get a rough idea of Jet Li aka Wong Fei Hong, fights, kung-fu, self-defence mechanisms, into the world of danger or even worse, gangsterism. Well, I didn't mean to bring offence but its true in the old days. Skip. Back here. I'm into this martial art since last year. Its been a year I've learned the art and nature of wushu. For our generation now, wushu in competition is for performing combination of moves, jumps, kicks and punches perfectly. The art relies mostly on the perfection of our combos in a go which cost much stamina and stability. Not to forget, flexibility of our body, mostly focus on hips and legs, where our moves can be executed perfectly. Although I find it difficult for the first time but with interest to learn and motivation driving, I kept it on as on of my healthy lifestyle physically. I didn't take tai-chi...well. Also, I've learned some self-defence moves in advance some vulnerable part of the body. Which is dangerous and also lethal if my move were executed correctly. Well, I didn't intend to knock my rivals or enemies though...just for my good, weapon, defensive style. Up till now, I've learned a few kinds of punches [bare hands style] and took up 1 kind of weapon, spear. which is long and hard to coordinate, at first. For now I'm on the basics of spear. Not into moves yet. There are many kinds of weapons practiced by my friends, such as, broad sword[tao], sword[jian], spear[qiang], staff[gun], dagger[pi-shou] and many more.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


One of my interest lately. Paintball. One word describes all. Seems like familiar to you? Its very exciting and adrenaline rush game. Some sort of like extreme games. Can go into extend of getting bruises and paintball's mark on your body. First join in one of the competition organize by MY-NPL which you can know more about it from Its the 3rd leg which is held at Padang Pahlawan, Malacca. We join in as Division 4, which is the lowest rank of players among 4 divisions, where Division 1 is the highest one. It is a 5 vs 5 match, overall score of 4 match played accumulated. Which if among the teams that entered the team gained a placing either above 16 or 8 (depends on number of team), will get to advance for the next game for quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals. Well my team was unable to get into quarter-finals, despite that, we are still glad that we had found a new game which we could really enjoy. Another game was held at Cyberjaya and we entered. We wanted to play so much, that we played seriously this time. We managed to get into the quarter-finals but lose after that. Its ok. We're all happy that we improve a lot from last time. Next was the 4th and last leg of MY-NPL which is held at Padang Astaka, Petaling Jaya. We managed to get into quarter-finals and the semi-finals. Lose during semi-finals. We are really happy that we made even this far this time. We really did improve a lot. There is one game which is held at my campus, MMU. During this time I couldn't make the cut because need to go back to my hometown. My team including my manager in total of 6 persons, played for the team. I was shock to know that our team got 3rd placing. I'm so happy that they played so well and won (even 3rd would make the cut) in the tournament. It was great.


日本語で はじめに ブログで 書きました。
私 まだ 初心者。
がんばる 日本語わ べんきょうします。
せんしゅの 日曜日で、JLPT4 日本語げんごわ じけんが ありました。
まだ じけんが けっか きえている。
どぞ よろしくね。

My First Blog

Woohoo...first blog post for me. After for so long then started to want to write one. As well will post some if I'm free enough...duh. If you want to know more about me you can go here. Or a simple brief...

A normal and funny guy.
Great to be with.
Won't regret that we've met.
Extreme joker.
Limitation within ideas.
Adrenaline & adventurer.
Into extreme sports.
Wants to know more about the world before leaving.
Would like to try anything within and beyond reach.
Into E-Sports.
Play smart and hard.
Study smart and little.
Loves environment.
Into martial arts.
Studies games and sports.
Internet surfer.
Otaku alike.
Love sexy and hot girls.
Almost became drift driver.
Spent on peripherals and equipment...T_T...

[Counter-Strike player]
[Paintball player]
[Wushu learner]

++my gaming peripherals++
mouse::Razer Krait
mousepad::Everglide Titan Fnatic Edition
in game sensitivity::2.5
keyboard::Microsoft Reclusa
headset::Plantronics.Audio 350

++my paintball equipment++
mask::V-Force Profiler

++my wushu equipment++(lol)
Normal plain cloth shoe

Thats all. More to come. Stay tune.