Friday, December 26, 2008

I was sad.

Hi and I'm very deeply sorry for my late or 'no' posts at all. To all my dear readers, a thousand of apologies. My bad. Lately busy with the short semester and also test and events to handle, its quite a task to give myself at least a little bit of relaxation of watching movies, series and some anime.

What I would like to talk about now is mostly about my spoilt hard disk (HD). I'm very particular about this. All my pictures since secondary school till today were all gone. I'm sad. I lost all my data on pictures and some video clips of my favorite artiste from Japan, gone. My >50GB songs, bye bye. As I had backup earlier before I sent my HD for RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization), it was all ok when it came back. I gladly move back all the files into the HD. As soon as the next morning, the HD were slow in detecting my files as if it were corrupt. Holy shit then it happen that I couldn't even read my files at all. "Thats it." I said. I was late for class already and all my precius files were stuck in there. I was moody to class. Came back, no choice but to go again for RMA. I was furious and emotional. No matter what, I want my files back. It took me nearly one year to collect such files and stuffs that are rare. Only such were such. SHIT! I'm stuck in a dilemma for 2 days. My friends tried to help, but those files couldn't be read already. Its like gone forever. My only backup at my external HD were deleted. Bad luck. Now I'm working myself tight searching back what was lost. I tried my best, but I'm too busy and most of my time were devoted to something else. I'll try to allocate some time for this, but all the things that I searched back will not be 100% found. Good luck to me.