Thursday, January 24, 2008

Paintballz gigs

For my sudden love of this sport, i spend for my life.

V-Force Profiler
'kachang'---> RM300

Why is it called a face mask? Because this thing only covers your face, not the whole head. For the safety purposes of the game [paintball] a face mask is needed. This protects your face from being shot at. I heard that, if the pellet hits any part of your face, fatal or blind in the eye. The force of pellets that are shot out are incredibly fast and dangerous. Of course, if it hits any part of out body, its still ok because out body can withstand that force. So, a simple advice to anyone who wants to start playing this game, play it safe!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My gigs...again...xD

Equipments for gaming. Eventhough not pro...xD

All in one. Taken in my room at Malacca. My lovely Reclusa [keyboard], baby Krait [mouse], soft Everglide [mousepad] and comfy .Audio 350 [headphone].

Nothing feels better when they're around accompanying me during my CS gaming.

Microsoft Reclusa gaming keyboard, powered by Razer®

-Bought this when a friend of mine told me that its selling out at half-price after its been used once or twice in some competition.

'kachang' ---> RM150

know more at here

Razer Krait™ Gaming Mouse

-Bought this last year. A very simple and easy to use mouse. Not so complicated. Like its design.

'kachang'---> RM99

know more here

Everglide Titan™ MonsterMat™ - Fnatic Edition

-Also bought this last year, after i bought Razer Krait. Improved my movements and accuracy alot. Reduce my right hand on mouse laziness. Moves around the surface more than i can expect.

'kachang'---> RM60

know more here

Plantronics® .Audio 350

-Bought this last year around July. Not use to the shape earlier but now more comfortable and wears up to 2 hours (for my ears) of possible gaming time or anything else that can produce sound using pc.

'kachang'---> RM129

know more here

Monday, January 14, 2008

My gigs

And here's my gigs, for badminton of course!

ProAce DMS 328

'kachang'---> RM150 (including a bag)

Carbonex9 TOUR SP

'kachang'---> RM200 (including a T-Shirt)

SB99 Limited Edition

'kachang'---> RM179.99 (this time nothing)

Of course the price is amazing. でしょ? But....its worth it! Because of my full interest, love, and spirit into this sport. Despite all these, I've improved little by little thou skills are the first priority. Cheers to myself for getting all these.....xD.....I gotta give all my best into this. For sweat and for fun!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A New Year that is.

A great new year start, with;

- watching jdrama at friends room.
- going to friends unit one by one wishing them Happy New Year.
- last, stay at room till 3am playing CS by myself.

what a start for the year 2008. All the best for myself and all my friends. May all challenges seems nothing but another level to improve. 一緒に がんばりましょ。