Tuesday, May 20, 2008

5 down, 2 more to go.

Finally, 2 more subjects to go, and i got to tell ya, that this last 2 subjects are really mind-blasting ones. Both also included and need to use the assistant in numbers and figures 'The Calculator'. Yeap. 5 subjects down, and now, holidays are to come. You can just imagine the feel of 'Holiday' itself. Updates for this blog and latest 'wrongdoings' and 'happenings' will come.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Ahak, sorry for the long drag. Its near to my finals and i'm of course preparing for it. Too busy and lazy lately to update. Now, I found some peace and quite time for myself to update.

Congratulations to Laloque for winning the Nescafe Kickstart. His teachings and advises for out team Outrecs Jr. indeed is very valuable. All the best in your future business ventures.

A sad and disappointing result in our 2nd paintball event @ Kuantan. We won only 3 games out of 8 games, and guess what, would you expect that we are qualified to quaterfinals? Hell we know 'bout it. Heck we really know 'bout it. WTF! Who would guess that with only 3 wins and you are qualified for it. We didn't show up and because of that, we were heavily bombard by our seniors. 'This is a disgrace', somewhat in the sense they put the words into, 'memalukan nama team'. We all knew it was our fault but humans do make mistakes. without mistakes, we, human won't improve much either. No one is perfect. Its a mistake now but not in the future. Thanks for the advises that our seniors gave us on that day, we will make the best out of it.

Alan's birthday party were held on the 19th last month. We were all so buck up for his birthday that quite a number of his friends show up that day, some didn't. He was disappointed but overall, happy. Me and some of his close friends bought him a set of dumbells. We all knew that he goes and loves gym and build up a nice body.