Friday, December 26, 2008

I was sad.

Hi and I'm very deeply sorry for my late or 'no' posts at all. To all my dear readers, a thousand of apologies. My bad. Lately busy with the short semester and also test and events to handle, its quite a task to give myself at least a little bit of relaxation of watching movies, series and some anime.

What I would like to talk about now is mostly about my spoilt hard disk (HD). I'm very particular about this. All my pictures since secondary school till today were all gone. I'm sad. I lost all my data on pictures and some video clips of my favorite artiste from Japan, gone. My >50GB songs, bye bye. As I had backup earlier before I sent my HD for RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization), it was all ok when it came back. I gladly move back all the files into the HD. As soon as the next morning, the HD were slow in detecting my files as if it were corrupt. Holy shit then it happen that I couldn't even read my files at all. "Thats it." I said. I was late for class already and all my precius files were stuck in there. I was moody to class. Came back, no choice but to go again for RMA. I was furious and emotional. No matter what, I want my files back. It took me nearly one year to collect such files and stuffs that are rare. Only such were such. SHIT! I'm stuck in a dilemma for 2 days. My friends tried to help, but those files couldn't be read already. Its like gone forever. My only backup at my external HD were deleted. Bad luck. Now I'm working myself tight searching back what was lost. I tried my best, but I'm too busy and most of my time were devoted to something else. I'll try to allocate some time for this, but all the things that I searched back will not be 100% found. Good luck to me.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Singapore Motorshow 2008

Finally, my first time ever going overseas, or other country. Well, Singapore is still over the sea right? Purpose of visit is to visit the Singapore Motorshow 2008. Never expect that to be fun enough.
Me and my housemates went there together. The whole trip was tiring and fun. We originally planned to go on Saturday, but then changed the plan and chose Sunday instead. Took a bus from Malacca on Friday noon. Reach my housemate, Alex's house first. Detour->

The infamous 'Rambahdaiko' of Kampung Rambah aka Alex.

Peaceful enough.

"Alex, you sure this is your house?", said Jesmond.

Do you know that when you knock on the woods of the pillars, the fishes actually came around!

As if I believed my own eyes, Alex's house was like a mini-resort to me. It was definitely not a 'house'. Trust me.

And then on Saturday when Alex brought us out to JB for some sight-seeing. Gosh I was so first timer for that. We went to JB to find our another housemate, Ryan. Then we all hang out around JB and went back at night.

Couldn't get enough sleep that night. Woke up at 6am something, take some breakfast and at around 7.30am, we're off to the 'Kastam' (the Customs).
First stop in Singapore was Kranji. Where we head to Suntec City for the motorshow. Hard to say this, but MRT (Mass Railway System) sure beats our Malaysian LRT (Light Railway Transit). The Singaporean's MRT was effective. It was sure to reach almost everywhere in Singapore.
And when we reached Suntec City, it was awesome to see it first time. Well, when i see it the second time, it might be boring, haha.

Fountain of Wealth.

It was high enough.

Posing under the shinning sun.


If I had those, I'll be changing my rims every month.


My dad won't approve this.

Gotcha, Ryan!


Every boy's dream, GTR-35.

Every boy's dream.

Too much vinyls. But great art.

An artist's masterpiece. Great hands.

This would be the heart.

Scenario picture.

When I was just to start learning how to take photographs properly.

Marina Bay Street Circuit.

The crew of the circuit.

The Singapore Motorshow 2008 was no more than very few. Only some giant constructers companies and no Western cars around. Mainly because of F1 event in Singapore and also there were more than 20 events were held on Sunday itself in Singapore. Sigh!

It was then we were lucky enough to see the circuit of F1 that day. I was hoping to see the F1 from here but no luck. Other friends wanted to go back early, so can't spectate much. But! We did saw some drives drive thru around the circuit. Half-lucky me.

When we reached back Malaysia, we head back to Ryan's house for a bump. The next morning we're heading back Malacca.

It was sure a tiring weekend, but worth it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Short Quotes

Since I'm quite busy and sometimes would not have much time to update my blog, I'd rather bring in some small updates.
If I've seen and been through some interesting and funny quotes or some sayings and sentences, I'd gladly to bring 'em up.
Here's one to start off.
Found this in The Star Online News while I was reading the news.

“They are doing their job. My job is to create songs and their job is to catch people,” he said.

I really laughed while eating my breakfast.

->To all MMU students who are reading, study smart for the coming finals.
->To all Muslims who are reading, Selamat Berpuasa for this festive month. [sorry for late]
->To all who are going to anywhere or somewhere, please drive safely. Enjoy the road trip.
->To all who are reading, thanks and take care of yourselves.

Have a nice day!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Golf @ Ayer Keroh Country Club (AKCC)

It was a nice morning Saturday. Medium sunlight and some clouds above our heads for shed. Cool and calm wind. We tee-off at around 8am. I'm with the first flight to go. Only 2 flights that day. It was a friendly match, stableford system. Each flight only 3 golfers. Not many people joining that day.
It was back to basis when its been such a long time since I last played golf. my swing got back a few days ago, but my mental fitness for the course was awful. I can say the first-nine was totally the worst comeback ever I've ever had. But then, on the second-nine was ok for me. Get myself pump and my swing did all the work. Relax and swing, that's it. During the second-nine, a heavy poured down on us. We waited but it turned more worst. Heavy rain. Then the siren rang from the club house. We had to get back to the club house as at the condition, we couldn't continue our game. We stop for around half an hour then back to golf.
After the game, we had lunch will all other commitees together. It was my first time joining a society of golfers other than my dad's friends. It was a great experience. It shall be. Coming up, going to plan for a closed golf tournament for MMU. Proposals, here I come.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Freaking Weeks

It is going to be a freaking hell of 2-3 weeks till early September. 3 assignments on the run. 4 mid-term test coming on me. It was pure 'luck'. Still have to go on for the activities. As schedule, this weekend will have a friendly golf match between committee and members in MMU Golf Club. Just a friendly, not so serious big event. As for next week is the Novice Cup in MMU, badminton of course. The date had to be pulled earlier since the coming September is the fasting month for the Muslims. So, had to gear up with all the things coming down on me. Have to sort things out properly. Gonna be a busy week with an "exhausted joyful body".

Thursday, August 7, 2008

4th Leg of My-NPL @ Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka.

It was a bright and sunny Saturday morning when we went to the venue of the event. A day which we will never forget, young and brave 6 men prepare to show their guts on the field. Though, we lose (haha, spoiler). Ok, here is what so great on that day. We reach late, a bit but we are on the next game when we started to settle down our stuffs and equipments. Boy, that was quick. We hurried ourselves to the field and prepare for the game. As one of our frontman MIA, Atook, I took his place instead. It was easy, frontman, just rush thru a few front bunkers and slide into the snake side of the field. Never judge what they say deemed easy when you really get a taste of it. It was tremendously fun. I sprint thru a bunker and superman-slide down the snake side of the field. I was hit on the first game. Lucky me, it hit on my google(face-mask), near my skull. Phew. Second game, I was lucky to see thru the pellets that were coming to me and finally, i managed to slide into one of the front-snake bunkers safely. Played a few shots, got hit, out I go. Well the rest of the game came on right. On the third game, we try a few link-up sides. We swap our center with one of the backman. It went out an awesome fight. Acap was out first thing the game start. I was out later on, after I successfully secured my safety in the front bunker. We got that game into our hands. It was pretty awesome.

Now, something went awfully wrong to me on the 4th game. Suck big time. I sprint and reach the front bunker safely and toyed around with my mirror(means the backman in front of me). I was so calmed and focused to shoot around and make them shoot me, its like i'm the kambing(goat) here. Everything were so nice until most of my mates were out when i tried to look around for more options. I was darned late, someone shot me from behind while i was lying down. Marshal called me out but suddenly, the guy in front of me came in and bunker me while I was taking my hand up to my head to show that I'm dead. WTF, I was blantly shot at almost point-blank range, with an e-marker. Shit that was a pain in the ass...err, I mean hand. Fuck you bastard! The marshal even came on close to put him away. I was already counted out but that fucking bastard still shot me with the marshall caliing me out that time. My left hand were up my head to show I'm dead. He shot directly to my head, which I luckily covered with my left hand. You fucking bastard, aiming for the head will do you good? I was lucky and not angered at the moment because of my numb hand. I forgot to bring my golves, which was really 'suey'(chinese words meaning bad luck). My hand bleed and after I took off my jersey, I found out he shoot twice into my hand.

I didn't take any pics after the shot, which is bleeding that time. No think. My bad but those who were at the scene saw that, it was awesome I tell ya'. With becoming the frontman for the event, not even used to it yet, my whole body were in pieces. Pain. Nothing to complain for that.

That night itself also, something happen. I don't know why, but, I'm determined to help my housemate. Me, my housemates and some friends went out for dinner around 9pm. After that dinner and on the way back, one of my housemate's hp rang up. And here is the problem, one of his friend is in the middle of somewhere in Klang because she ran out of the house after breaking-up with her boyfriend. Apparently, she called my housemate, Ryan, for help. From what I heard from Ryan earlier, the girl is crying when she called him. It was a sad case. It was 10.45pm at that moment and it struck something to my head that, a girl, alone in Klang area, it is night time and that place is not safe for a girl alone in the dark. Ryan was searching for friend's car to borrow to go and pick her up at Klang. "It will be late then", I told Ryan. I pity him and the condition now and straight offered help.

Firstly, I knew that anything could happen to a girl alone out there, especially Klang area. So, I called up Alan, whom knew some Klang friends over there and ask for his help. After explaining everything to him, he was shock and quickly called up his friend in Klang. Alan's friend, Alex, from Klang, listen to the problem and quickly went out searching for her, given her phone number to him. I was preparing on my way up to Subang to fetch her. The plan was like this, I planned this out with Alan. Alan will go fetch her back to Subang, once Alex found her and I was to go to Subang with Ryan and another housemate, Louis, to fetch her back to Malacca. (Louis was only accompanying us)

Within 1 hour from the call, Alex found her and she is safely with someone. She smsed Ryan and told him that she is inside our friends car. We give a huge sigh and I drive to Subang all the way, speeding. When I entered the KLIA highway, Alan gave a call to me and said there are in Subang already. It was a relief when we knew that she is safe. Alan told me something but I just drag it until we meet on later. We reach Subang at around 1am. Ryan went in to get the girl out and I was chatting with Alan. Alan told that the girl is quite tough. Her face's expression was dark and emo. When she came out, she just muttered some words and say hi. Well, at least she is safe, I thought.

We went for a drink where in the end Ryan treat us all for the drink.Ryan tried to open her up to chat with us but she is not that friendly. On the way back, my whole body was aching, because ealier this morning I'm playing paintball. Not enough sleep too. I was deeply exhausted on the way back to Malacca. The girl slept all the way from Subang till Malacca. When we reached back to Malacca, we were really tired out from the long distance and wound up at night looking at the highway and street lights. She came down from the car and went straight back to her place. Wow, now that is amazing. Not a word of thanks or even a bye from her. She just woke up and there she goes. I'm not sarcastic or what but, at least a thanks or bye will be alright for all the people that help you out. I was a bit down and not so happy with her attitude. Ryan and Louis were also shocked with her attitude. Well, what to do, she is so down and emo now. Don't care about her much, at least she is safe now.

One thing cross my mind that eventhough she didn't thanked us, including Alan and Alex too, we saved a human being from danger. Thats what friends are for. Now that she is safe, we don't care much about it. We've done a good deed. We're ok.

On behalf of Ryan, to Alan and Alex, thank you for your help. Wait, what about Jesmond.....?

It was a hell of a experience and I'd tell ya', its gotta be legen......wait for it......dary!

The next day morning, I could make it to my team's game. I was so sorry to my manager and team leader and also the rest of the teammates. I'm sorry. But, what I heard from them that I already miss something great. They fought against Ronin Lunacy. Our best friends in paintball. It was a great game they said, eventhough Ronin Lunacy won the game. Congratulations to Ronin Lunacy for getting 2nd place in Div3 @ Malacca event!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Sturdy Semester and A Weak Body To Face It.

Let's just say, I'm tired, weak and exhausted. What could you do when you are in a condition like this? Nothing more than study, games, watching series every night, sports and what else? It was like hell i'll tell ya'. Just finished my mid-term exam in the morning just now, which I couldn't agree more to the next one at tomorrow evening. Damn right. Again, 2 straight test on 2 consecutive days. It was like having sex with the subjects that I'm now very tired and exhausted from it. Wow, now that's something.

This weekend will be the 4th leg of MY-NPL which will be held in Dataran Pahlawan, Malacca. Don't miss it if you guys are around Malacca on 2nd and 3rd of August. Come and watch it live.

Another thing not to miss, I'm back to wushu training every Sunday and Tuesday night. Tuesday near midnight, badminton training. Probably Thursday nights on the driving range. Hmm, seems like i'm back in golf. Yup, its true. I can sense my dad is a bit proud i'm back in to this game since i've stop for almost 2 years.

Its gonna be a hell-of-a-week!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The New Semester

Well, the new semester seems busy again. With 7 subjects to cover up. Its heavy. Very, heavy. I got no choice since i missed some subjects last year. So, i'll have to finish 'em up. Every now and then, i've miss a lot of activities during last semester. This semester, i've made a promise to myself that i'll not miss those activities unless exams or meetings are on the way. I've miss a lot and now i had to cover back up everything. Wushu training at night on Sundays and Tuesdays. Badminton with friends. More time with my computer also, since a lot of animes, dramas and movies are waiting for me. For now, this is it.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

And here it goes.

All right, back to my hometown on Saturday evening. Ate dinner with sis. Then go out 'yumcha' with friends. So, normal. Then my plan with my 2 brothers to go trip was on the coming Wednesday. I drive. Confirmed. And so, the day came. ________________________________________________________________ [[Summarized trip story]]
Morning, slow drive to Seremban then lunch at there. Reach Subang Jaya [SJ] around 3pm in the evening. Checked in and rest. Dinner with bros, sis and some Alan's friends. 'Yumcha'. Midnight go hotel hunting. The hotel that we stayed only allow us 1 night. Means tomorrow is fully booked. ________________________________________________________________ -Thursday-
Woke up and packed things. Drive to next hotel for check in. Holiday Villa Subang. Expensive. Afternoon go walk at Sunway Pyramid. Bought swimming attire and goggles. Also expensive. 'Yumcha'. Night go dinner at Ah Woon's working place. Made In Kitchen, 'nice' name, 'nice' price. Expensive, not full, but worth every dollar for the taste. Night go badminton at Neway. 'Nice' court, 'nice' price. Fucking expensive for 2 hours. 'Yumcha'. Back hotel, take bath, sleep. ________________________________________________________________ -Friday-
Woke up and breakfast at hotel. Eat full full because need to drive to Genting Highlands later. Afternoon after lunch, next destination, Genting Highlands. Nice slow trip up the hill, suddenly rain, canot open window, damn fucked up. Nevermind, straight go. checked in, then go swimming above the skies. Very nice. We are lucky to get in here. Not many can come in. Swim, jacuzzi, sauna, bath then went out. Dinner then walk walk outside. Saw lots of nice car. Back room, chit chat with brothers while heating our feet in the bath tub with hot water. Nice sleep after that.

Big room.

Walter packing his PS2

Actually, nice view.

Olympic size, you know?

Full house!

Me and Alan

On the way up

View from above

Toilet at there

Oh, entrance. Nice.

Only got 2. Don't fight for it.

Ok. Wallet and handphone put here. Nobody wants to steal it.

Swimming go here

How much you bought it?


Hmm, nobody here. Maybe today off. Cheh!

Jesmond Loh, the author.

Huh? 5 feet? You sure?

Wow, nothing to say. Although looked like ordinary pools.

Oic (Oh, I see). Got small waterfall.

From here.

Where my camera fly to?


My dear friends, you should try swim there.


You should really come here.

For once, you should really try come here.

Aiya, lazy hold camera.

Really nice.

Erm...not bad.

Very long I tell you. No lie.

Gan, Alan and me

In front of the hotel.

Alan and Gan posing with M5's wheel
________________________________________________________________ -Saturday-
Woke up late. Straight lunch, rest, go to swim above sky again. Evening, eat, watch movie. Come out, walk walk again and go out see more nice car. Back room, same thing like last night (we are not gay, don't think too far.) Sleep.

Kok Jun, me, Gan, Alan and Walter

Gold. 'Nuf say'.

This card that enables us to access that place. Really.

Alan, Kok Jun, Walter and Gan

If I could touch this engine, it would feel like touching a woman's body.

Wheels. Created for the cars to move around.

[Enter caption here]
Checked out and then go down to (I think is Mushroom Town) lunch. After lunch, go Chinese temple. Very nice. Go walk walk around. Then slow drive back to Subang, drop Alan there. Dinner at Subang with brothers and sis. Back to Bahau after that. Lots of car, we saw. Reach home 10pm something, unpack, bath, play comp, sleep.

Ok, one bag at a time. Don't rush.

Do you know? At carpark also can take picture.

Mushroom Boyz.

Cannot read. Show sad face.

3 Generals of All Time.

Yup. Really can become Generals already.

Don't have much time already. Fast take pic.

3 brothers at the pathway to Heaven. Is it?

Still got flies up here? They sure damn strong.

Last pic for the gang. Band of Brothers.

Usually, at Genting Highlands, teenagers at our age, went out with their girlfriends or friends, go around and walk around and do nothing particularly and also play around the entertainment centre. We are different this time. We enjoyed our time there where we could never had a chance to do so. We are not gamblers and I can't enter to the casino yet. We felt great and experienced what we never do before in our teenager life. To swim at there? To be treated like you are the boss or CEO? Look, I felt it before. Just that card that enables us to be there. It was great.
Overall, I'm happy with the trip. Which we had planned earlier. What a nice plan we had. Just after 2 days we came back from the trip, the fuel price went up. Lucky.