Monday, February 25, 2008

First time in D3

me in and ion type marker. cool eh?

My current and newest team Outrecs Jr. was created on a number of 7 members including me. All were active players in the rooster. Our team was extablished this year and we registered for Division 3 in Malaysian National Paintball League [MY-NPL]. Our first event for the year in MY-NPL is at MAPAAC, Petaling Jaya, Selangor on 23th-24th February 2008. In this event there are already 4 of our players using e-markers. We must field a total of 5 players in our rooster for each game. For D3, we are playing 8 preliminarie games before commencing to quater-finals. Only top 16 teams will make it to quater-finals. In this event, our team couldn't make it, we only won 3 out of 8. Although we didn't reach quaters, we still had a great time enjoying the game and all the fun in shooting paintballs during in game.

taken during the members having a rest after 4 games. yeap, the one with pimples is me. no doubt. confirmed. the only chinese.

after 8 games. head started to spin and felt dizzy because of the hot weather. the players sitting were the ones holding e-markers. the ones standing doesn't have one.

action pose for the team. gladly to introduce, from left standing, Syafiq aka deX, Sajiv aka G|aster, Jesmond aka Jes. from left sitting, Alip aka tapai, Zaki aka Key, Acap aka Cap and finally i just called him Atook.

Our team ranked 17th in the league table collecting 6 points. Our manager says that we are going for the next event.

Acap was our manager for the team and the rest were active players including the manager himself. There are 3 positions in this game of speedball which is also known as paintball. Our frontman, Atook, Zaki and Syafiq. Centerman, Acap. Backman, Sajiv, Alip, Syafiq and me. Our placing in the field may change. Their roles are nicely written down here -->

---Speedball centerman---

Mid players are adaptable, versatile, and patient. They perform whatever function is necessary for the team to advance through the game. If a front player is eliminated at the beginning of a game, center player will try to take that place. When a back player is eliminated and leaves a blind spot on the field, a mid can fall back, if necessary, and take up that command position, or command from the bunker they currently occupy. Mid players also perform the vital function of a relay system late in the game. A front player who has progressed far down the field cannot hear his back. Mids will relay information between the two, so that the front player is not effectively blind. A mid player may also shut down a lane from a position farther down the field, where a back player does not have the correct angle. Alternatively, mid players can also accompany a front player to a critical position, to up the odds of it being held successfully.

A centerman's attitude on the field should be cool, confident, and calculating. In his position he can see more of the field (and thus the enemy) than any other position on the field. This also means that more of the enemy can see him. He needs to stay focused and relay positions to teammates while watching for opportunities to take.
---also as center back---
The back player who takes the centermost position on the field is akin to a chess player or football coach who is stuck in the middle of the game. The back player filters information between left and right, and has a direct line of sight to both sides of the field. This player will let everyone know who is supposed to be doing what, setting up objectives for the other back players, and by association, the front players those back players are tending, as well as firing large amounts of paint across the field.

---Speedball frontman---

A front player's task is to perform the major movements and eliminations on the field during a speedball game. As the name suggests, this places the front man far forward on the speedball field, compared to the other positions. Front players stay low, firing comparatively little and making heavy use of snap shooting. Because of this, they rely very heavily on the rest of the team to provide them with developments across the field. Front players and back players are very closely related, and in some cases, a back player will be assigned to communicate with and cover a front player when the latter is in a critical position or attempting to maneuver. Front players should know how to slide flawlessly to lower their center of gravity and keep a low profile.

---Speedball backman---

Back players are the eyes and support fire of the team. At the rear of the field, they are afforded a fairly unobstructed view of the action, and constantly communicate with the rest of the team. It is the back player's job to coordinate and move the front players down the field while denying the opposing front player's movement. These different goals cause rear players to use their markers in a dramatically different way than a front player, utilizing a near constant stream of paint to shut down movement paths, called lanes, for opposing front players. This same tactic is used against specific bunkers to force a player to tuck in, allowing a front player to move.

[[ the infos were taken from wikipedia ]]

Well, my role as backman mostly suit me the best. The one who is shouting pin-points and enemy whereabouts. Spamming the most paints all the time linning or keeping the enemy in its bunker. I liked it. We don't have a lot of photos that are taken during game but i'll try to upload some in next post.

My paintball team's jersey

Dye jersey ---> 'kaching' RM100 [including fee for my friend bringing it to me...swt]

This jersey cost me that is expensive. How would you know that this paintball jersey to be this expensive? Damn good that i should be playing more seriously from now on.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Renew Hobby

One of my lately renew hobby since last year. Model kits. I started assembling them, a few, last year around March and April. These are called Gundam Model Kits. There are a wide range of 'em. It range from a few series such as Gundam Wings to the now Gundam 00. An example of this is my ZGMF-1000/A1, Gunner Zaku Warrior, pilot-Lunamaria Hawke, ZAFT fighter pilot in the series Gundam Seed Destiny. It took me 2 days to finish this baby. I had been a crazy maniac fan for mono-eyed mechas. This is my first 1/100 scale Gundam model kit. The first ones I'd assemble is 1/144 scales. I'm going to try on MG [Master Grade] range , which these models have much more flexibility in their joints.

ZGMF-1000/A1, Gunner Zaku Warrior

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

During CNY

I'm late. Been busy these few days. Now i'm free, a while because I'm very tired after a marathon of 6 hours class. Moreover, its in the afternoon. So lucky. Oh yeah, day 3 of CNY I went to some of my friends house. Visiting one by one and getting angpows each house. Nah...I don't care much bout angpows, its the friends that gathered back after a whole long year studying and some working from different places. Whew. Met back some secondary school friends, thats cool.

Taken at Justin's house, after we all watch his guitar performance that night

What Justin named her ' Kelly'

Also we visited Justin, whom I call God of Guitar at my 'hometown', Godlike born intelligence and somewhat a funny guy with funny jokes. HAHA. Then I end the night around 4am in the morning playing mahjong with my ex-classmates.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year !!!

A very Happy Chinese New Year to everyone reading this. Regarding on the date, its already the 5th day of Chinese New Year. Yup. People start working and working again. I had a bad week till today. Been sick, having flu which I don't have any idea on and coughing here and there. What a painful experience with nothing much to chew on my mouth for this festive season. Damn. Only drink 100Plus...swt...can't eat mandarin oranges too. Back to classes again this week. Not to forget, meeting back secondary school friends too...on the next blog.