Sunday, June 8, 2008

And here it goes.

All right, back to my hometown on Saturday evening. Ate dinner with sis. Then go out 'yumcha' with friends. So, normal. Then my plan with my 2 brothers to go trip was on the coming Wednesday. I drive. Confirmed. And so, the day came. ________________________________________________________________ [[Summarized trip story]]
Morning, slow drive to Seremban then lunch at there. Reach Subang Jaya [SJ] around 3pm in the evening. Checked in and rest. Dinner with bros, sis and some Alan's friends. 'Yumcha'. Midnight go hotel hunting. The hotel that we stayed only allow us 1 night. Means tomorrow is fully booked. ________________________________________________________________ -Thursday-
Woke up and packed things. Drive to next hotel for check in. Holiday Villa Subang. Expensive. Afternoon go walk at Sunway Pyramid. Bought swimming attire and goggles. Also expensive. 'Yumcha'. Night go dinner at Ah Woon's working place. Made In Kitchen, 'nice' name, 'nice' price. Expensive, not full, but worth every dollar for the taste. Night go badminton at Neway. 'Nice' court, 'nice' price. Fucking expensive for 2 hours. 'Yumcha'. Back hotel, take bath, sleep. ________________________________________________________________ -Friday-
Woke up and breakfast at hotel. Eat full full because need to drive to Genting Highlands later. Afternoon after lunch, next destination, Genting Highlands. Nice slow trip up the hill, suddenly rain, canot open window, damn fucked up. Nevermind, straight go. checked in, then go swimming above the skies. Very nice. We are lucky to get in here. Not many can come in. Swim, jacuzzi, sauna, bath then went out. Dinner then walk walk outside. Saw lots of nice car. Back room, chit chat with brothers while heating our feet in the bath tub with hot water. Nice sleep after that.

Big room.

Walter packing his PS2

Actually, nice view.

Olympic size, you know?

Full house!

Me and Alan

On the way up

View from above

Toilet at there

Oh, entrance. Nice.

Only got 2. Don't fight for it.

Ok. Wallet and handphone put here. Nobody wants to steal it.

Swimming go here

How much you bought it?


Hmm, nobody here. Maybe today off. Cheh!

Jesmond Loh, the author.

Huh? 5 feet? You sure?

Wow, nothing to say. Although looked like ordinary pools.

Oic (Oh, I see). Got small waterfall.

From here.

Where my camera fly to?


My dear friends, you should try swim there.


You should really come here.

For once, you should really try come here.

Aiya, lazy hold camera.

Really nice.

Erm...not bad.

Very long I tell you. No lie.

Gan, Alan and me

In front of the hotel.

Alan and Gan posing with M5's wheel
________________________________________________________________ -Saturday-
Woke up late. Straight lunch, rest, go to swim above sky again. Evening, eat, watch movie. Come out, walk walk again and go out see more nice car. Back room, same thing like last night (we are not gay, don't think too far.) Sleep.

Kok Jun, me, Gan, Alan and Walter

Gold. 'Nuf say'.

This card that enables us to access that place. Really.

Alan, Kok Jun, Walter and Gan

If I could touch this engine, it would feel like touching a woman's body.

Wheels. Created for the cars to move around.

[Enter caption here]
Checked out and then go down to (I think is Mushroom Town) lunch. After lunch, go Chinese temple. Very nice. Go walk walk around. Then slow drive back to Subang, drop Alan there. Dinner at Subang with brothers and sis. Back to Bahau after that. Lots of car, we saw. Reach home 10pm something, unpack, bath, play comp, sleep.

Ok, one bag at a time. Don't rush.

Do you know? At carpark also can take picture.

Mushroom Boyz.

Cannot read. Show sad face.

3 Generals of All Time.

Yup. Really can become Generals already.

Don't have much time already. Fast take pic.

3 brothers at the pathway to Heaven. Is it?

Still got flies up here? They sure damn strong.

Last pic for the gang. Band of Brothers.

Usually, at Genting Highlands, teenagers at our age, went out with their girlfriends or friends, go around and walk around and do nothing particularly and also play around the entertainment centre. We are different this time. We enjoyed our time there where we could never had a chance to do so. We are not gamblers and I can't enter to the casino yet. We felt great and experienced what we never do before in our teenager life. To swim at there? To be treated like you are the boss or CEO? Look, I felt it before. Just that card that enables us to be there. It was great.
Overall, I'm happy with the trip. Which we had planned earlier. What a nice plan we had. Just after 2 days we came back from the trip, the fuel price went up. Lucky.