Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Its been long enough

Its been since March that I published any posts. Sorry to dear readers that I couldn't update my blog much enough to satisfy blog-readers. In such, I do had some very good excuses for this. For this month, last semester, 1st year degree, my hands are well stuffed with tutorials, assignments and classes to attend to. Not to forget, activities and back-to-hometown-trip, these are all well managed under my brain for the month. Hey look. I need sometime to chill out, ok?

I'm so fucked up that I couldn't get the pictures from the Nescafe Kickstart Paintball Challenge. Damn good I learned myself a lesson. But anyways, I'm still chasing the series upfront.

Oh well, at least I showed some proof.

And then this beautiful April comes in with most of us forgetting that April Fool's day is a very enjoying day for all of us. I still remember, one of my coursemate, Ivan, wuahahahaha. Sorry for the laugh but its really funny that your coursemate try to trick someone for that day and some eventually really fall for it. Some didn't, me of course.
I remembered that I trick him for the last class of the day. It was 5pm and we're heading to the class. Ivan still playing around with his not so funny jokes. Its ok. I laughed my ass out for some of 'em. When we're getting our seats at the back, I sit behind Ivan. Ivan puts his bag and chat a little with some other girls in class, and when he wants to sit down, I said in such a quick and serious manner, "Hey wait. There's something.". He quickly turned around because afraid that his ass hit on something on the chair. When he looked at the chair, I said normally, "April Fool. Haha, gotcha'.". He muttered some bad words to me which I heard but not other girls. What a day. I need only one shot. Since he 'tried' to trick me a few times. Even our other friends gave a huge laugh. A very good last laugh. [Sorry Ivan if I really pissed you off in here. I know you can beat me in other things. Maybe someday, not today, someday.]