Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Short Quotes

Since I'm quite busy and sometimes would not have much time to update my blog, I'd rather bring in some small updates.
If I've seen and been through some interesting and funny quotes or some sayings and sentences, I'd gladly to bring 'em up.
Here's one to start off.
Found this in The Star Online News while I was reading the news.

“They are doing their job. My job is to create songs and their job is to catch people,” he said.

I really laughed while eating my breakfast.

->To all MMU students who are reading, study smart for the coming finals.
->To all Muslims who are reading, Selamat Berpuasa for this festive month. [sorry for late]
->To all who are going to anywhere or somewhere, please drive safely. Enjoy the road trip.
->To all who are reading, thanks and take care of yourselves.

Have a nice day!

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