Saturday, September 6, 2008

Golf @ Ayer Keroh Country Club (AKCC)

It was a nice morning Saturday. Medium sunlight and some clouds above our heads for shed. Cool and calm wind. We tee-off at around 8am. I'm with the first flight to go. Only 2 flights that day. It was a friendly match, stableford system. Each flight only 3 golfers. Not many people joining that day.
It was back to basis when its been such a long time since I last played golf. my swing got back a few days ago, but my mental fitness for the course was awful. I can say the first-nine was totally the worst comeback ever I've ever had. But then, on the second-nine was ok for me. Get myself pump and my swing did all the work. Relax and swing, that's it. During the second-nine, a heavy poured down on us. We waited but it turned more worst. Heavy rain. Then the siren rang from the club house. We had to get back to the club house as at the condition, we couldn't continue our game. We stop for around half an hour then back to golf.
After the game, we had lunch will all other commitees together. It was my first time joining a society of golfers other than my dad's friends. It was a great experience. It shall be. Coming up, going to plan for a closed golf tournament for MMU. Proposals, here I come.

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